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Is your piano starting to sound a little off-tune? At The Sounds Of Paradise, our piano technicians offer professional piano tuning in Richmond, VA. The science of piano tuning takes not only a keen ear, but also patience and skill. We have provided piano tuning services for over 20 years and have the knowledge and talent to complete the process. We will make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work before we leave. 

Tuning a piano when it is out of tune is a studious process. The tune of every string needs to have the perfect pitch in order to create beautiful music, the way it was intended to sound. Even one note being off tune can ruin an entire melody. We are dedicated to restoring the beauty of each and every note on the pianos we service. We use the most up to date techniques and will always provide top rated tuning services in Richmond, VA.

The piano is the one of most well-known and popular instruments owned by people in their households. It is also a centralized part of the orchestra. If there is a piano out of tune it can affect the entire orchestra. We also work with orchestras to make sure their pianos are working properly. 

You need to have your piano tuned regularly. We can help you with that! Pianos are made from mostly wood and many different things can have an affect on how often the piano goes out of tune. Having your piano regularly tuned can help keep it's value. We can also regulate your pedals, fix minor repairs, and assess your piano's condition by giving you an estimate!

Call The Sounds Of Paradise today to set up an appointment with one of out skilled piano technicians in Richmond, VA today!

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